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Please take the time to read this, it is important and will increase the enjoyment of everyone involved.

Main points to consider

Deciding and Creating an event
Choosing a date
Selecting a location
Deciding who to invite
How to invite friends to join
How to promote events
How, when and where to meet
What should you prepare?
How to prepare the team for the event
How to begin the event
Number of people at any one location
How to document the event
What to do after the event
How often can the handing-out events take place?

Important details

As the Roses are hand made, they may lose leaves (1-2%), please do not hand those out. We suggest that you collect these faulty Roses and at the end of the event choose a nearby tree and bend them around branches… In this way you can mark the place as a location in which a Smile Rose activity has taken place.

We need feedback (both positive and negative) in order to improve the operation worldwide. Please let us know whatever you think is relevant. Please contact us using this form .

Good Luck,
the Smile Rose team